Barcode Label Printers

Barcode Label Printers Come in Models for Both Small and Large Businesses

Technology has made it possible for people to reduce the amount of time it takes to do a lot of daily tasks. Most retail stores now have self-checkout registers where people can scan the barcodes on their items to speed up the process of shopping. In fact, barcodes have become the primary unit of detection for all types of products and shipments. Most postal services offer online tracking via the barcodes printed on their shipping labels. Any modern business could benefit from the use of barcode label printers. These machines come in a variety of styles designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses.

Creating Durable Labels

Since a label is capable of being printed on any type of adhesive paper, some people might not understand the need for using a specially designed printer. Unlike the ink transfer method used by basic inkjet printers, the majority of barcode label printers use a thermal method of ink transfer. This allows the ink to bond more thoroughly with the paper, which also makes it extremely durable. Since barcode labels are primarily used with products that will be handled and scanned, it is important to make sure the ink is able to stand up to this type of wear.

Models for Small and Large Businesses

In addition to the heat transfer method used by barcode label printers, some of these devices are able to turn out labels at very high speeds. In the line of label printers from Honeywell there is the Compact 4 Mark II printer, which is designed for use with high capacity rolls. In an industrial setting, this model can turn out more than 10,000 labels a day. Its compact size and enhanced mobile technology also makes it the ideal unit for home-based businesses and companies involved with trade show events.

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